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So how do we install our Custom Windows 8.1 Media via a flash drive?Use The previous steps are a quick and dirty walk through of adding your customized ISO into the Deployment Workbench and generating MDT Media. If you would prefer, there are many additional customizations that can be accomplished here, however I am not going to cover them in this article.You can run the script as is (if you store it in C:\Setup\Image Factory V3For Hyper-V on you MDT server), or you can open it in ISE and run section by section to see what happens.Is a control file for settings, pretty straightforward, just make sure that all values are correct.In Part 1 we used Hyper-V to build, update, and sysprep our custom Windows 8.1 Installation. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, or you haven’t built customized Windows media since the XP days, you may not be familiar with WIM files.

I did some googling and did not come up with anything either…With the recent release of MDT 2013 Update 2, it seemed like a great opportunity to practice my packaging skills.Eventually I created a Power Shell script to auto generate the chocolatey package (not shown here), it would download the MSI files, and extract out the MSI Product Code and Checksum values.It’s a very straightforward Windows ISO to USB tool which, right off the bat, asks if you want to do a GPT partition (UEFI bootable) or a MBR partition (BIOS bootable) drive.There is only one problem with Rufus – we can’t use it when our new ISO contains a WIM file that is larger than 4 GB!

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