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Momo or Tantan might sound like items on a trendy cocktail list, but Momo is in fact China’s largest online dating app with an estimated 180 million users and has already had an IPO in the US.

Then there is publicly listed Jiayuan coming in close with 150 million users, followed by newcomer Tantan, which has a Tinder-style “swiping” interface that allows users to swipe their fingers to peruse through thousands of profiles of potential partners.

Fifty-five per cent of these hours are supposedly spent on apps. While more young Chinese are turning to dating apps for love, sex, fun or just out of curiosity, it isn’t complete easy sailing for these companies.

Momo and Jiayuan might have raised legitimacy and massive funds through IPOs, but increased government concern about how dating apps can be a catalyst for lewd content and online prostitution has set off serious action.

Follow her on Twitter @jingerzhanger" data-title="Jing Zhang" data-html="true" data-template=" Dating apps are now a normal part of modern courtship, with popular Western programmes like Tinder, Grindr, Happn and Scruff revolutionising the way people meet.

A similar movement is occurring in mainland China, especially among the young and urbanised, but little is known about how this has changed the way they find love and sex.

There will be live updates from biggest fashion shows and often daily uploads of the best collections and collaborations.

One clue might be Momo’s user base, which is 84 per cent male and which Choi’s research found to be overeager.

In response to the fake straight-female avatar bringing up the idea of a “hook-up” but then declining to follow through, the men continued to badger for responses.

Despite so much effort poured into their profile pictures, Choi said this group was the least responsive and most wary.

Cold, dismissive one-character responses – of the “Hmm” and “Ah, OK” type – were incredibly common for this group and it was very difficult to elicit a promise of a meeting with them.

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