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Winter is here, and cuffing season is firmly underway. But that’s a sure-fire way to feel a bit crap about yourself all winter. Masturdating is the act of taking yourself out on typical date activities, all alone.

Suddenly, everyone wants to find someone to snuggle up with. To masturdate, you have to treat yourself, and do something that feels a little special.

‘It is important that you do things you wouldn’t normally do for yourself.

‘We actually encourage people to try the things that make them a little uncomfortable – like a trip to the cinema or a meal on your own, because when you do dare to do these things with only yourself as company, you’ll enjoy a real sense of liberation and feel more present and connected to yourself than you probably have in a long time.’ If you’re still feeling worried, solo activity expert Rebecca Ratner, who co-authored ‘Inhibited from Bowling Alone’, recommends trying a class, or mentally re-framing your masturdates as something functional.

(Second bubble.) After complaining to a mutual friend about how rude this guy had been, I moved on. “As our technology advances and it becomes easier to contact people out of the blue, we see it more often,” Hogi says.

‘The more they focus on learning rather than enjoyment, the happier they will actually end up being.’ Interesting. Let’s make this Winter the one we go to Winter Wonderland, and treat ourselves to a hot chocolate in a fancy café, or finally see that play we’ve been banging on about – all alone. ) The next, slightly more overt level is direct communication, like my zombie above.Without some apology for or acknowledgement of the past, zombie-ing is, as this Salon essay puts it, an “an exercise in entitlement. And so you stay in, with your only adventure out of bed a brief trip to the sofa. Enter masturdating – the way to get in on all the couple-y stuff, without being a couple.That means going out to dinner alone, or taking yourself to see a movie, or going to that art gallery you’ve always wanted to visit. But add something extra, like a nice bottle of wine and fancy snacks.

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