Rover admits to dating duji

Comedian Bert Kreischer sits in for the show on Rolling Glory One. Steeler’s player apologizes for standing by himself for National Anthem.

Jeffrey fell asleep during Rover’s heartfelt tribute to his agent. Jeffrey flips off Rover after paying back his loan.

Tif, a 30 year old paramedical tattoo artist, comes in for The Hook-up. Jeffrey blames Rover for not getting his son piano lessons.

Caller on London Subway thought she was in the middle of a terrorist attack.

Insurers sent in private firefighters to protect homes of the wealthy. Listener calls in because he doesn't want to have sex. Duji's anniversary of not having sex is coming up on 6 years. House of Cards suspends production indefinitely amid Kevin Spacey scandal. Parent held teacher hostage at school in California. AJ Mc Carron staying in Cincinnati after Cleveland Browns miss trade deadline.

Depressing listener calls in to whine about his girlfriend.

Louis CK admits to sexual misconduct as media companies cut ties. Roy Halladay dies in plane crash in Gulf of Mexico. Explosive information comes out about Duji and her printer problems. Woman calls in and says she was sexually assaulted by police officers. Angry Louisville man calls in and yells at Jeffrey for making out with his wife. 38 women accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment. Live from Louisville, KY onboard Rolling Glory One.

Hartford student charged after boasting about contaminating roommate’s belongings with bloody tampons. Jesea, a 24 year old bartender, comes in for The Hook-up. Father kills himself on Facebook Live over daughter’s engagement.

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Megyn Kelly caused a stir for her treatment of a gay man.

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