Professor dating a phd student

It is important that students are able to recognize unsatisfactory situations early on, and handle them appropriately.It is ultimately the student's choice and responsibility to terminate an unsatisfactory relationship.Honestly, I have one advisee who always closes the door, and our conversations rarely veer into "personal" territory, but she just seems to prefer the closed door.(Maybe it's because my office is on a highly trafficked hallway, and she doesn't want to be distracted by people in the hall or have everyone in the department listening in on our conversation.) The only part of your description that gives me pause is that these closed-door meetings go on for hours.

The first draft of this document was distributed to UCLA faculty members and GSA representatives in 1994.The purpose of this document is to describe the basic expectations that should hold for advising relationships.It will recommend ways of insuring that these expectations are met and that relationships are maximally beneficial to both parties.At a minimum, students can expect advising relationships to provide: These letters of evaluation can be the primary method through which advising is given weight in faculty promotions.If you have had a good or bad experiences with a professor, or if you have any thoughts as to whether a professor will serve students' interests in the future, you can make these known in a letter of evaluation.

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