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Salem is also known for their manufacturing of a “clean cigarette,” as they called it. Reynolds) thought the culture of cleanliness would appreciate a cigarette that smelled less strongly.The Salem Pianissimo was specifically created to be sold in Japan where RJR (a.k.a. Unfortunately, when introduced to the US, American’s overwhelmingly found the tobacco in Salem Pianissimo to be horrible tasting.I refuse to pay full price for cigarettes produced last year, and offer this info so others do the same to avoid a stale product.Years ago i was told, by a marlboro quality department employee, that the "average shelf - life" for cigarettes is 3 months, depending on storage conditions.

When it changed, one of the main differences was that a single cigarette with a dark green filter was included in every pack.You should NEVER eat  anything more than two dates after the expiration date.These dates  can be found on the lid of the products or on the side of the  package.This should be "0" for cigarettes produced in 2010.If it is "9" you are buying cigarettes from last year, likely stale unless vacuum sealed in freezer storage, which is unlikely.

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