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His parents were father Carol Radnor and mother Alan Radnor who had other two children besides them.

There’s the version that might seem boring or puritanical but spring-loads you with focus and energy. That day would involve french toast, some kind of very high-end Omakase situation, a northern Italian feast, and loads of ice cream.

I try to start every day with 20-30 minutes of meditation. I make this yerba mate concoction that I’m thoroughly addicted to so I generally drink that first thing after meditating (if I can, I also try to get some water and lemon in at some point early in the day).

A start to a good day would involve some stretching or a hike or some other kind of body-moving activity.

There are too many to choose one – one of our uncontrollable, unprofessional laughing fits probably. The only thing I can really nail in the kitchen is this tahini dip which is super easy to make but is always a big hit. I also just finished this terrific book called “The author profiles some notable folks who clearly answered their sacred calling and they were all fascinating and riveting tales so I’d invite all of them (and this is more than five so forgive me): Jane Goodall, Thoreau, Whitman, Robert Frost, Susan B.

Anthony, Camille Corot, John Keats, Beethoven, Gandhi, and Harriet Tubman.

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The less good day would be me getting hooked/hypnotized by the news as I drink said yerba mate concoction and forgetting I even have a body that needs to be moved.

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