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training that'll help you break into the appliance re- pair field It's one of the few things I've ever sent for that was even better than they said it would be ... DILL □ Chack Tar fact* Name , (Please Print} -A-ga Ad0rws, Cii¥- , SI Bl O . ACCREDITED MEMBER NATIONAL HOME STUDY COUNCIL JOHN A. To lift a steel Jiostp chain with amall link* and wrap it around the post several time* to provide a grip. AUGUST 1977 IT The brick design Flooring & from Armstrong's easy-lobn stall Premier Sundial group.

Et HH Mil'll*'', ii giiii Mi, T" b A'Ui H- ipiji r-h’al professions! If you can't hook the linka f fasten the chain ends with a nut and bolt and hang the chain on the jack. Available only at JCPenney Auto Centers or catalog desks, .00 with trade-in.

I nu M nju iibvr ajiv (mil ii-ui »iii v ■■■ i h«l-F"k.- unit- Ei. PEARSON Sconce ar.d Engineering WM I Mc KEQWN BOstlng, Outdnars rind Travel ANTHONY R. The flexible flooring is Premier Sundial made by Armstrong Cork Co, It comes in 5 are needed, Armstrong has a sealant to join them.

In hard gruund, digout around the post until you can loosen it.

JOHN A REGINA Ad, erluing Pnclught Hi Manager Published 13V the Hum si COrp Ofetlon JOHN H, MILLER President RANDOLPH A, HEARST Chair men FRANK A. Full outward on the top of the jack as you lift the post until it's high enough to topple over.

Bring the end* of the ch Ain around the post and hang them on the jack's lifting hook.

MAURER President, Mu go/ mas Division JOSEPH F KERN Publisher POPULAR MECHANICS IS PUBLISHED MONTHLY by n in Henrat Corporal mn, 221 Weol S? Snug the jack up close to the post, with its bane reding on a sturdy piece of wood.

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tightening knob is loose tied, anti the blade moved to the desired pro- jection and locked there by re- tigh teiiing the knob.

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