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Sex matters, and I mean both the act between consenting adults and gender. It's up to the judgment of the local court, and fines and jail terms can be substituted, but men and women have been executed for being homosexual.There are many rules and conventions around both, and some are so different to what the western traveller is accustomed to at home, they may unknowingly break the law. Controversially, transexuality is not illegal, in fact it is recognized by the state, and gender reassignment is endorsed.Sex and sexual politics makes Iran a challenging destination.It's not for everyone, but through great effort comes great reward.

Of course, tube tops, bare arms and lots of leg is not acceptable.A small number say harassment, leering, sleazy comments and groping made them regret going. They report the hassling is tiresome and annoying, but not dangerous and the prospect of it happening to you shouldn't put you off going to this amazing country.The same thing doesn't happen if you travel with a male companion, but as Mell points out, then no one speaks directly to you.The President also removed the religious police from Tehran, prompting a new air of openness and relative freedom for women.They're pushing their headscarves way back, and showing a lot of colour in their clothing.

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"The sterilisation should be done through a project to convince homeless women to prevent social harm," he added.

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