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For a closer look on this event from 07/04 till 10/04 we turn to former Net Commie, and organiser of this NWM, Natalia Ivleva.

The AEGEEan: Could you tell us a bit more about the people who are organising the upcoming NWM?

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Client: Ecology and water department of Voronezh Date: 2014 Status: 1st Prize Program: Ecological reconfiguration and water quality improvement of the Reservoir Scope: Water treatment strategies, urban development and monitoring technologies The Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Voronezh region decided to organize a closed competition in order to develop a strategy for the future of the Voronezh Sea.

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Of course, we are expecting to see lots of members from the nearest locals and some of them have already started searching for tickets and packing their stuff and also we are open to applicants from all over the Network.Two areas are proposed to be developed through Public Private Partnership.These new developments will help to shape a new identity for Voronezh and a new relationship of the city with the water.They would be located in the shallowest areas of the lake to stop algae bloom and as a result a specific smell, that comes from the reservoir in summer.Creation of bathing areas both in the urban and at the natural environment of the lake, incorporating the macrophytes as part of the water purification system.

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