Completely eastern european dating

He’s co-ordinated interviews with some of the big names from the world of news and sport including ITV’s Robert Peston, Sky Sports’ Jeff Stelling and darts champion Michael van Gerwen.

His reporting days began on University radio in Birmingham, before moving to BBC Sport Online – creating content for large events such as Wimbledon and the FA Cup final.

There's nothing like making an outlandishly strong statement to get yourself notice and cause complete controversy - just ask Katie Hopkins.

Western Women are in a shocking and dire state right now.

We’ve all seen countless articles and news pieces over the years depicting Eastern European women as harsh, miserable gold diggers, that want you for nothing more than a Visa. Before you even think about going to a local bar and picking up a slutty, fake tanned Western girl.

Now, while there are always some bad apples, the truth is very different. Let me tell you why they suck so damn bad and hopefully, this will change your mind.

That’s what you’re seeing in the West now, but not at all in the East. Start with the more accessible countries like Poland and Latvia and then work your way East from there.

Forget Western girls, they are an absolute waste of your time.

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