Chunky dating

I approached him, asking if he remembered me, it took him a minute, but he placed me.

I spent a better portion of the evening jabbing at him and poking fun at him for what a jerk he had been.

If you're a peanut butter lover, you'll love these.* I've noticed that if I search the web, that Trader Joe's has a number of additional Vegan Cookie flavors that my local stores doesn't carry.

If I come across any new ones in my travels, rest assured I'll buy them (for research purposes, of course) and add them to this page.

Exhibit C: I had been dating a guy for six weeks (but we’d gone to college together, and had a fling then, too, so I’d actually known him for years).

With a bag of Trader Joe's vegan cookies in my shopping basket, soon to travel from my mouth to my belly, Trader Joe's has made my days just a little bit brighter (well, OK, quite a lot brighter). Filled with a generous supply of large chocolate chunks, not nano-sized chips like other brands, in a deliciously chewy cookie. I have trouble stopping myself before the bag is empty.

I did text him once or twice while there, but nothing crazy, and he had responded enthusiastically.

When I came back a short 10 days later, I texted him again to let him know I was back, and received no response.

When it did arrive, weeks later, it was just the necklace. That meant that I had to give up Tinder and OKCupid.

So I joined Match—because obviously that’s the way.

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But I must confess, I buy these every 4th visit to TJ's for variety.

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