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The final two women represent a "good" girl (this is all relative, remember), and a "bad" girl. Jes was the "good" girl (actually, she was so "good" that I barely remember anything about her), while Heather was a brash stripper who got Bret's name tattooed on the back of her neck.

The tattooing of a person's name on the back of your neck is of course the action of a "friend," not a romantic partner, so Bret chose good-girl Jes.

Meanwhile, Kami voluntarily gets off the bus, Kelsey learns that speedbumps are always there for you in tough times, and Taya's real name is Laurie! Mindy is the MVP and quite possibly is devirginized as a reward.

Bret gets some sad news on the road, and shows some common sense in realizing that a bus full of skanks is not the best environment for someone who's just lost a family member.

Brittanya takes this chance to assault Heather with fists and spit, so Bret decides her tour will stop here.

Then he asks Ashley, whose ex is really not an ex at so much as a current boyfriend, if she's ready to have a relationship with him. - The girls show their skills at belly flopping into a tub of beer and working the pole at the first annual Truck Stop Games.

- Bret's not feeling a connection with any of the existing girls, so he adds three newbies to the tour.

He then gets upset when everybody's totally fine with it, and the home viewing audience gets to bask in the glow of his crippling insecurity.

Just see if you ever get invited back to a VH1 reality series.)So Bret got back on that Rock of Love and tried again with a new season.In the premiere, we learn that life is hard on the road, as evidenced by one contestant nearly getting choked to death and another serving shots out of her vagina. - There's a lot of Kristy Joe drama, but everything pales in light of the fact that Daisy has apparently never heard the U. - Lacey's back in all of her baby-beating glory, and while Destiney and Daisy try to take out Kristy Joe, it is our precious Angelique who pays the price for loving to display the goods that God -- and a team of surgeons who got their medical degrees in, like, Bora-Bora -- gave her.- A trip to Vegas has the girls seeing Bret in concert and, in the case of Jes and Lacey, seeing things I don't even want to think about. loves Bret, then she doesn't, then she does, and he just can't deal with it no more.Beverly freaked out her Ex-Husband did not show up and disclosed she was a teen mother at 17. The three "Rock of Love" series have mostly reached the same destination.

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- While Jes gets to know Bret better, we learn that Erin possibly wants to "wait on" Justin Timberlake and Heather possibly "banged" Vanilla Ice.

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