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"I love visiting sets when he's working because I get to gloat and be proud," she adds."Every single person is like, ' Oh, my God, we just love Andy! ' He's just so friendly and professional, and he's just considerate.In these 9 years, he has appeared in many movies, TV shows as well as shorts.As a writer as well, he has shown his potentialities in this field.Every person he comes in contact with has something wonderful to say about him, and I am very proud." that it's flattering and exciting that he's been brought back to shows so many times in his career.

He first met his love of life, Amber Stevens, in the platform of "Greek". They started dating after that and had an affair for 4 years.

One can follow him through the social networking sites.

He has a large number of followers in twitter and Instagram.

I see it happen all the time with actor friends of mine — great people that are just fun to be around, and they do their job well, but they're also just really positive.

They get hired in one or two episodes, and they end up sticking around for the entire season." Though he grew up writing and filming sketches with his friends as a kid, West never imagined that acting could be a career path.

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