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Every day we receive emails and phone calls from models wondering if the person who contacted them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or through other social media sites is a legitimate modeling agent or scout.The person who contacted the model may say they are from a top model agency such as Ford Models, Elite Models, IMG Models, Wilhelmina and even Model and ask the model to send them photos.If an agent or scout wants to meet you in person make sure that a) you take someone with you and b) meet them at their known office address or in a public place.Having said that, it is not unusual for international model scouts to meet new models in a hotel lobby or hotel room.

Since almost everyone has been in a situation where they wish they had a camera, you can only imagine the market for these convenient little cameras.

Sending photos directly to modeling agencies can be very confusing and time-consuming and models often find that their choices are limited to taking expensive and unnecessary photos or modeling classes.

Working with an experienced and established scouting company like Model is a great way for new models to get their start.

Don't be afraid to verify the identity of the person who has contacted you.

Real agents and scouts don't mind if you check them out, and will actually respect you more if you do.

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