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(The idea of a cheap HMV would, at one time, been unthinkable!) Equally unthinkable - and still is, for that matter - is a single series that sells at two different prices, depending on the of the label. Certain fundamental Jazz issues (and perhaps others; I do not know), in the B-series were given plum labels and sold at the price of a BD- series.

I showed it to someone, who told me that this was quite a common thing done, in earlier days, with multi-part works.What we dont want to see is a 1935 new issue with a 1932 label!There are, however, a few notable orphan labels to be found in the B- series, and some of them are given here.1. (-1) This remarkable work, many years in the compiling, gives great detail on each of the approximately 9,400(!) discs in the series, the great majority of which were, of course, for the British market.

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These records had a slightly narrower groove and smaller centre labels, and were able to compress 3 minutes on a disc that was 20% smaller than standard 10-inch 78rpm records.

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